Catcalling, molestation, sexual assault, lewd remarks, verbal attacks; If you are a woman in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Africa, the world, you have likely experienced these and worse. These are our bodies, they aren’t decorations. We deserve to feel safe while while taking up space.

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Just stop.

As part of the global campaign: 16 Days against Gender Based Violence FitcliqueAfrica is organizing five FREE personal safety camps. They are targeted at women from all walks of life from students to sex workers, young corporates to queer women. Our Partners are the US Mission to Uganda and 40 Days Over 40 Smiles.

You’re invited to the first camp on Saturday (28th Nov) at the National Theater Gardens from 2pm to 5pm. To book your spot, confirm attendance over here and then send your full name to 0701406773. Each camp has a cap of 50 women so first come, first serve.

Come expecting:

  • A sharing session with wonderful women
  • Physical self-defense training
  • Emotional self-defense training
  • A healing and elevating yoga class
  • A funky vest with an empowering message
  • Light refreshments

For each day of the campaign we shall share readings and have online discussions on topics like abortion, relationships, beauty, inclusivity, sex, sexuality, self love, body acceptance and more. Be sure to participate here, on Facebook and Twitter and instagram too: @fitcliqueafrica.

Lastly, we shall be highlighting the work of 16 powerful Ugandan women who are changing our country for the better! Remember that all this badassness we have planned will be nothing without your participation. We encourage you to actively participate, engage, learn and share your own stories and attend our workshops.

If you have a story you would like to share, please submit to . We would love to feature your stories!

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We love you Ugandan woman. You deserve peace of mind and absolute safety.