The role of an activist is a tough one, especially if you are dealing with marginalized groups in Uganda. Fighting systematic oppression, stigmas and offering support  requires constant giving of the self that can take its toll emotionally, physically and psychologically.  The Activists Retreat took place at our gym in Bukoto and we’re happy to say that this is the second one of its kind that we have hosted.

For two days, we shared, danced, did yoga, meditated and ate delicious food. We encouraged sharing as well as bonding between all attendees and had counselors on hand. Major thanks to organization P.A.L that does so much to ensure the wellness and healing of sexual minorities in Uganda.

Some topics we covered were:

Therapy, Trust,  How to recognize and deal with anxiety, self knowledge and acceptance.

The event was a fun way for activists to focus on themselves and we are glad they had a great time!