Free Personal Safety and Self Defense Camp with Corporate Women in Kampala

After last Saturday’s free self defense camp, we will never look at handbags the same. But before we get the part where handbags take on [...]

LGBTQ Activists Retreat 2015: A Recap

The role of an activist is a tough one, especially if you are dealing with marginalized groups in Uganda. Fighting systematic oppression, stigmas and offering [...]

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Celebrate With Us: We Held Our First Personal Safety Camp For University Women!

One Free Self Defense camp down, four more to go! We kicked off our 16 Days of Activism Campaign early with a self defense camp [...]

16 Days of Activism: Free Emotional & Physical Self Defense Training, Yoga, Sharing

Catcalling, molestation, sexual assault, lewd remarks, verbal attacks; If you are a woman in Kampala, Uganda, East Africa, Africa, the world, you have likely experienced [...]

FitcliqueAfrica Promo Video Shoot

How does one make a fire promo video that is guaranteed to snatch everyone’s edges because of its SLAY overload? Easy: Get a number of [...]

A New FitcliqueAfrica Gym and a Boot Camp

Women fitness enthusiasts in Bugolobi, we have great news! This month brought with it good tidings in the form of a new branch of FitcliqueAfrica [...]

What We Have Been Up to: A Recap

Hi. Hello. It’s been a minute since our last post but we are back, here to stay and ready to catch up! We have a [...]

African Woman: 10 Inspirational Women Under 30

With recognition from Al Jazeera, BBC, Voice Of America, African Woman and other media houses, FitcliqueAfrica is reassured of the change we are creation in [...]

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Goal Uganda Loves Their Team

When is the last time your company threw you and your family a party? And when we say party, we mean a dance, art, music [...]

Uganda’s first women-only gym

With talk of the anti-pornography bill came the need for an environment where women could feel safe to be themselves as they exercised and wear [...]

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