Uganda’s first female-only gym creates a safe space for wellness

The passion to create a space that is entirely dedicated to women drove our CEO, Mildred Apenyo to create an all-women’s gym, the first of [...]

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And Finally Ladies and Gentlemen, A Website!

Finally a place on the internet dedicated to our hectic badassery. FitcliqueAfrica is Uganda's first women's gym. We are also a social enterprise that is obsessed with the wellness and safety of Africa's women. This is why we have created personal safety curricula that are tailored to the lives of University Women. That's why our self-defense class is our most important one. That's why we have finally decided to put all of our greatness in one place, this website.

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Beautiful Modern Mamas Sports Day Ft FitcliqueAfrica

Beautiful Modern Mamas is a platform where Ugandan mothers support one another in the rigorous journey that is motherhood. Hundreds of them gathered at Ibamba on labour day for games (the sack races were hilarious), laughter (major laughs you guys) and communion with their children.

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Afro Elle did a profile on the transitioning of Fitclique256 into FitcliqueAfrica. On the desire to promote wellness through exercise, also through distributing herbs and [...]

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Women and Power: Mildred Apenyo, Blogger and Fitness Coach

NTV Uganda in their segment “NTV women and Power” presented FitcliqueAfrica as an initiative that seeks to create a movement within every woman of self-love [...]

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U.S. Program Helps Africans Learn Entrepreneurial Skills

In a conversation with David Greene on the NPR, our CEO talked about giving women the tools to help them be a little less vulnerable [...]

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Meet Mildred Apenyo

We were one of the 7 chosen by Voice Of America among the 500 fellows of the 2014 Young African Leader Fellowship program for a [...]

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Voice of America Profile: Mildred Apenyo

Voice of America recognized our efforts to develop mental health and boost confidence through various assortments of exercise.

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Mildred Apenyo: Getting women strong

FitcliqueAfrica has indeed, come a long way. In a close up by the Daily Monitor, our first class that was held on 25th February 2014 [...]

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