How does one make a fire promo video that is guaranteed to snatch everyone’s edges because of its SLAY overload? Easy: Get a number of gorgeous women together for fun day that includes: jumping on a trampoline, smizing infront of a camera, and showing off their dance moves to Beyonce’s feminist anthem ‘Flawless’, as choreographed by the noted choreographer, Rozemarie, while rocking FitcliqueAfrica vests. Then, get all the shenanigans on camera by way of the excellent choreographer Kharl Orlega of Skyrock Production.

promo 4

The ‘ I AM HERE TO SLAY’ theme of our shoot was inspired by the one, the only and the forever slayer, Janelle Monae, as were our ‘Not for Male Consumption’ and ‘My Body is a Democracy, Not a Dictatorship’ vests worn by our models in the shoot.


The story of how Janelle inspired our vest captions is an especially great demonstration of men’s entitlement to women’s bodies and how to SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN with zero tolerance.

A fan tweeted this to Janelle:

“JanelleMonae girl stop being so soulful and be sexy..tired of those dumbass fine but u too damn soulful man.”

This was her answer:

And this was our response:


We never thought it was possible to love Janelle Monae anymore than we already did. Turns out we were wrong.

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Having said that, how good do our models look in their vests? They look so good we have FOMO for FitcliqueAfrica vests and we are the manufacturers.

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If you are suffering from similar FOMO tendencies, holler at us on 0794406772 to get yours!

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