After last Saturday’s free self defense camp, we will never look at handbags the same. But before we get the part where handbags take on a new and dangerous meaning, let’s start from the beginning.

On Saturday 28th November, a group of atleast twenty women gathered at the National Theatre’s Upper Gardens. The occasion? Our second free Self Defense camp, ofcourse. This time round, the camp was dedicated to Kampala’s corporate women.

As per usual, the camp kicked off with a yoga session. Under a wonderful shade provided by the biggest tree in the garden, the women stretched, loosened up and relaxed under the guidance of yoga teacher Liz.


The sister circle and emotional self defense session which followed and was led by the lawyer and activist Godiva Akullo, on the other hand, was all about sharing, healing, empowering each other and sisterhood.  The women engaged in discussions on depression and self care, how to deal with sexual harassment in the work place, the importance of female friendships and creating safe environments for future generations of women.

O.T’s  physical defense session  wrapped up the camp. First up were the simpler moves: dropping one’s center of gravity when attacked from behind and how to break a finger to break free of an assailant’s hand grip. But then the situations became even more challenging: How do you get out of a chock hold? What do you do when an extremely strong attacker has you pinned to the ground? All of this and more were taught in the session.

Then came the most exciting self defense tip: According to O.T, in life threatening situations, a handbag string can act as a lethal weapon if gotten around an assailant’s neck .

As women, violence and microagressions against us don’t only stop in the streets but follow us to our homes, workplace and everywhere else so it is so exciting to have these moves up our sleeves. As always, we are grateful to the US Embassy for partnering with us and supporting our Personal Safety and Self Defense initiative.

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