There are many types of animals in the world. Some small, others big, some fierce and others cute and cuddly. Since I was young, I grew up pretty much around dogs.
Personally, I have a deep love and passion for dogs. Putting it mildly, dogs are indeed man’s best friend. Their happy wagging tails and constant need for love and affirmation makes them all the more loveable.

A couple of years ago, I went through a very traumatic incident that could have changed my opinions about dogs. But how life has it, I actually grew more attached to those furry creatures.
I was making a fire with my dad one cold Sunday night as we usually did. As we entered the house, I realised that Spike, our dog, was growling. I went to check that all was well. But when I got closer, He lunged at me and bit my upper lip. In horror and shock, I screamed my lungs out in hopes that somebody would save me.

I was rushed to the hospital where they admitted me for approximately one month. The operation was successful, and my lip was restored to the best of Dr Mbidde’s ability.
While in the hospital, I kept on wondering why my lovely dog would harm me. I kept wondering if my family had put him down or punished him. All I wanted was to ask my furry friend why he had hurt me so much!

Even after all that pain, I was still drawn to dogs, still had the desire to love and nature them.
I love dogs and still believe they are the best animals ever!

This World Animal Day, I urge everyone to treat all animals with respect and care regardless of our past experiences with them, religious, cultural and personal beliefs. They are a valuable part of our planet and deserve to have their rights respected.