Dear Ugandan,

We have ridden multiple emotional rollercoasters over the last few days. For the youth, this election has been particularly painful. This was the first time that many of us performed our civic duty. Many are despondent and they are right to be. I mean, If you’re reading this from Uganda, the UCC has threatened to charge you with treason! Tomorrow is going to be a hard Monday because regardless of your feelings, work has to continue.


Dear Ugandan:

1. If you want to cry, cry. Don’t hold that nugu in your throat and your heart. This all feels like heartbreak.

2. If you’re depressive and you’re starting to experience the debilitating symptoms of an episode, don’t blame yourself. Acknowledge it and allow yourself to move slowly. Indulge in the things that help you (baby elephant videos, yoga, crying, ranting, sleeping…) .

3. Boos, baes and besties, will there ever be a time when you’re needed like this? Be there for your people. However, If your people treat you like this regime treatus, this is the push you need to cut them out of your life.

4. Move your body. The cabin fever is real. Gather your family/housemates and zumba, yoga or stretch. We don’t know about jogging right now. Have the redtops left your neighborhood?

5. Walk swiftly away from people who want to gloat about the results. They are being emotionally violent towards you. Just walk away. Don’t get slappy.

6. Walk away from people who try to incite you to violence. They are doing the inciting from under their beds.

7. Recognize y/our wins. Many changes have been made to Uganda’s Parliament thanks to this election. As many have said, democracy is a marathon, not a sprint.

8. Return to doing the important work of influencing your community and your country. Work your hardest, do your damndest and think about getting into positions of leadership yourself.

9. Follow #Ugandadecides on twitter. No body beats Ugandans at creating laughter out of sad situations.

Tomorrow our gym opens up again. The first five women to arrive with the voting ink still on their fingers will enjoy a 75% discount. Thats right.


Dance party  and yoga for 5k.

Be well <3