One Free Self Defense camp down, four more to go!

We kicked off our 16 Days of Activism Campaign early with a self defense camp for university women. Not even the short but intense downpour prior to the camp could deter our attendees.

The safety and wellness of university women is of utmost importance to us- and something we hope to take on in a big way next year-so we really wanted them to be a part of this campaign.

The group of forty women convened in the National Theatre’s CICP room for an afternoon of yoga, sharing, emotional self defense, and the best meatballs in all the land.

The session started with an introduction that included individual introductions, a short discussion about the ways university women feel unsafe, why this particular self defense camp is necessary and answering the statement, ‘Share one powerful/positive thing about yourself.’

Afrikan Yoga was a hit!

Afrikan Yoga was a hit!


After the introduction, the girls hit the floor for a yoga session which helped them to relax, build confidence and connect with their inner goddesses.

The sister circle, which came immediately after yoga, was incredible! We engaged in a powerful discussion about  bodies, sex, power, class, beauty, identity, patriarchy and the different ways these concepts intertwine to shame, oppress and cause violence to women.


The most exciting activity of the day was the Physical Self Defense class led by in-house FitcliqueAfrica trainer, O.T. From basic self defense skills  like dropping one’s center of gravity when getting attacked, to fighting off assailants of different heights and sizes and when grabbed from behind, pinned to to the ground or the wall, and escaping extremely aggressive situations, O.T imparted his most lethal Self Defense tactics in a fun session that lasted an hour.  We were impressed by how fast the attendees picked up the moves.  O.T’s one on one demonstrations with the girls at the end of the session- where he took on the role of the attacker- even had him getting overpowered and thrown to the ground a few times!

Our workshop ended on a high note: with the most delicious meatballs in Kampala courtesy of the National Theatre restaurant. Seriously, if you are ever at the National Theatre, those meatballs are the ones your tummy needs.

A huge thank you to all the women who turned up! We hope you had as much fun as we did and learnt something important. We can’t wait to see you on our Self Defense University Tour in 2016!