theme for #IWD2020 is:

‘Fighting Back!’

Whether it’s standing up to a harasser, unwavering self love, insistence on accountability, creating radical feminist art, or making Twitter a more feminist space, a tide has firmly shifted and women are fighting back in more ways than the patriarchy can keep track of.

No matter the nuances of your life: how old you are, where you live, who you love or how you make your money, there are always opportunities to insist on being seen, respected and heard by your community. 

2020 is an exciting year for FitcliqueAfrica because we get to  share our programming with more women than ever before!
Our Feminist Utopia Installation is curated as an oasis from the oppressive realities and traumas of living in a patriarchal world, and we are hosting these personal safety camps all over Uganda!
If you are a female or Gender Non Conforming creative of any persuasion,  please apply to our call for artists!: https://feministutopia.ug/artist-calls-2020/

Stay tuned to our social media pages and channels for announcements on how you can benefit from and contribute to our incredible programming this year. 
Have a lovely day, and remember always that you are enough.