During my 2nd year of life on this earth, my phobia for animals and birds struck and exists to date. I have always managed to stay away from animals, especially the two commonly known pets(dogs and cats). This year, God said it’s time I faced this fear when I joined FitcliqueAfrica as a Programmes Assistant.
What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger! This is my affirmation every single day that I wake up to head to the Feminist Utopia Headquarters, but as soon as I see the puppies, my strong spirit to face them leaves my body without asking twice! Regardless, I give it another try the following day, and just like that, I have made a month without fruitful results. I remain determined!

As stated in the book of Genesis Chapter 2, in the beginning, God created animals and birds as companions of man since he was all by himself right before woman was created. In essence, this shows His intention for creating His uniquely made creatures that bring innocent-like energy to the overwhelmed lives of men. Animals and birds(in some cases) are therapeutic, respectful labourers, security guards and bedside attendants. Not forgetting that they would never set up an argument with you just like humans do. In short, animals do as they are told and not as they see!

Today, the 4th day of October 2021 and every other year to come, I look forward to writing a story on my progress in facing this fear. I believe that someone else will heal along with me and step out of their fear because no one should deny their mental health a dog wagging its tail or a cat cuddling in your bed right close to your heart. It is a piece of mind I will surely benefit from once this fear completely fades.
Mental health should not be as expensive as hunting for a penny to make an appointment with a therapist on the 5th floor of a towering building in upscale Kampala, rather, it should be as cheap as purchasing a puppy, kitten or any other animal intended for play. For it to be your eyes and ears when you drowned in sleep, be your silent-buddy communicator. This is what we need most times and particularly now, as we struggle to step into the new normal of life.

Hate and fear of animals have never been an invitation to kill, starve, and abuse them. No! It has never and should not be. Animals are sentient beings of this earth who deserve care and not maltreatment. I have never shot at a dog(which I commonly fear) because of my fear of them, for that would also mean since I fear the police, my mum at times, my elementary teacher back then, I must shoot them or try to kill them. We should all take extra care of our animals, whether wild or domesticated. They are a precious resource and risk extinction if human beings keep abusing them and their habitats.

I am getting a puppy when I win this battle!

It is World Animal Day, dear people!

World Animal Day is a social movement charged with the Mission of raising the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe. The motto of this international day is to create a safer place for all living creatures in the world. Let’s join hands and be a voice for these voiceless creatures.

Animal Lives Matter!

Read more about World Animal Day here: https://www.worldanimalday.org.uk/